Boletos & Receivables in Brazil

Boletos & receivables in Brazil

Call date: 19th May 2019

Participants, comprising senior treasurers from EU, Latin America and the U.S. compared their approaches to receivables and the use of Boletos and eBoletos in Brazil.

This call was chaired by Simon Jones, whose key take aways are listed below.

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Key Takeaways

  • Boletos are unique and are a great way to minimise DSO which is a major problem in many countries.
  • Bank charges for processing Boletos are seen as high, especially for paper – based Boletos.
  • Moving from paper to electronic reduces bank fees by 55% – but smaller clients are reluctant to change their processes
  • The move to electronic also reduces opportunities for fraud from paper-based Boletos (see CompleXCountries Report FX & Treasury in Brazil 30 Jan 2019)
  • Receiving payment via wire transfer reduces bank fees but has higher A/R processing costs as the remittance data is often poor.

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