Cash repatriation from Turkey

Participants described their company’s current approach and recent experiences in repatriating cash to HQ from TURKEY and answered each others’ questions.

Cash Repatriation from Turkey

Call date: 17th Jun 2020

The call was chaired by Arnaud Francq, the key discussion details are below.

If you would like a copy of this report, please get in touch.

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Key areas of discussion

With the recent depreciation of TRY, accessing hard currency in Turkey is getting much more difficult.  Regulations can change arbitrarily and are often unclear. Participants reported conflicting opinions from different banks and the same banks give different opinions to different people.  It pays to get multiple opinions before making a decision.  Participants rely on their local teams.  In this discussion the topics covered included:

  • Accessing hard currency
  • Cross border pooling
  • Offshore accounts
  • Dividends
  • Cross border invoices
  • Cashless Netting
  • Servicing Turkey via offshore payment factory
  • Funding

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