Regional Banking in sub-Saharan Africa

Banking in Africa

The report covers the experiences of five regional treasurers with their banking operations in the region. Including, their banking set up, their main challenges and experiences with individual banks.

Banks discussed in this report include: ABSA, Citi, Ecobank, Standard Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Société Générale

Our Treasury Peer Call on Regional Banking in sub-Saharan Africa took place on 17th November 2020 with expert chair Arnaud Francq.

Please get in touch if you would like a copy of the full report (7 pages)

Premium members can and subscribers can download the full report here

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Moderator’s key take aways

  • Finding solutions from a bank with a regional footprint is a priority,
  • However most treasurers decided to rely on several  “global” banks to obtain sufficient coverage and complement solutions with smaller regional players,
  • Trapped cash remains an issue in Nigeria, Angola, Ethiopia due to lack of FX and Sudan due to regulations
  • Leveraging global relationships is useful to get FX allocation, however in some case global players are less price competitive
  • E-commerce is a key requirement but there is no real regional solution today

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