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Rethink Treasury Technology

Damian Glendinning challenges you to rethink treasury technology! This report comprises the first part of our series on Treasury Technology. We ran two sessions in which Damian presented the challenge (see recording below) to panels of senior corporate treasury professionals (members of CompleXCountries). Each… Continue Reading “Rethink Treasury Technology”

Rethinking treasury technology

our analysis says that the real problem is that we have simply used the technology to – marginally – increase the speed of the paper based processes on which all corporates continue to function today. But the processes remain what they were when they were using paper. A true use of today’s technology would involve a lot more real time, straight through processing.

Time to Rethink Treasury Technology

Rethink Treasury 1 Treasury is stuck. Damian Glendinning challenges you to rethink your approach to treasury  & treasury technology. This post comprises a presentation together with a write up of two peer group discussions on the issues raised with contributions from15 senior treasurers. (all… Continue Reading “Time to Rethink Treasury Technology”

Working Capital – new technology & funders

The working capital landscape is changing fast. As banks reduce their lending, new funders are entering the market. At the same time, new technology and social media has emerged. In this presentation, Damian Glendinning looks at the challenges and opportunities this represents for Corporate Treasurers and poses the question: ‘It’s a new world, where do you fit in?’

Working Capital: New technology and funders – internet portals


The CompleXCountries Team comprises highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in Corporate Treasury, Banking, Treasury Research and Treasury Media. Our goal is to give corporate treasury professionals real, practical information about how companies manage their treasury activities in specialist countries and associated treasury processes, based… Continue Reading “About”

Real Experiences with APIs in Treasury

We were pleased to host two sessions with our peer group members and John Laurens and Mark Troutman from DBS Bank in Singapore. We selected DBS because they are making significant progress in the digital space, and have the good fortune to have recently… Continue Reading “Real Experiences with APIs in Treasury”

Time to dust down the inflation tool kit?

In December 2020, The Economist (a weekly newspaper) said ‘a surge in inflation looks unlikely. But it’s worth keeping an eye on’. Six months on, the spectre of inflation is still with us. However, the issue for treasurers isn’t whether high inflation will come… Continue Reading “Time to dust down the inflation tool kit?”


CompleXCountries Global Treasury Intelligence (full listing below) reports are based on the experiences of senior treasurers with specific subject expertise.  Our reports give you the benefit of their combined knowledge of what’s practical and possible when dealing with complex countries and managing complex treasury… Continue Reading “Reports”

Corporate Treasury LIBOR Project update

Corporate Treasury LIBOR transition In this call, senior treasurers from seven MNCs in Europe and the U.S.A discussed their LIBOR transition projects. This report details their approaches to transition, the current status of their projects and their concerns. Call date: 17th Jan 2021 The call… Continue Reading “Corporate Treasury LIBOR Project update”