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Sub-Saharan Africa – Global Treasury Intelligence Reports

Regional Banking in sub-Saharan Africa

Cash Repatriation from Nigeria

Treasurers describe their company’s
current approach and recent experiences in repatriating cash to HQ from NIGERIA and answered each others’ questions.

Treasury & FX in South Africa

Call date: 5th November 2019 In this call, members shared their approaches and current challenges in treasury & fx in South Africa, including: Cash repatriation Hedging ZAR Intercompany netting Moody’s downgrade Cross border pooling Local banking Reserve Bank appeals The call was chaired by… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in South Africa”

Treasury & FX in the CFA Franc zone

Key discussion details XOF – UEMOA (Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine) the Economic Monetary Union of West Africa (WAMU) Comprises Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Niger, Senegal, and Togo. XAF – CEMAC (Central Africa Economic & Monetary Community) Comprises Cameroon, Central African Republic,… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in the CFA Franc zone”

Treasury & FX in Angola

Key areas of discussion Cash repatriation Mitigating FX exposure Accessing hard currency Approvals for service contracts Local banks v International banks Local investments

Treasury & FX in Nigeria

Chairman’s take aways Bureaucracy – continues to be a problem & cash repatriation is particularly complex. Hedging is expensive Although the FX market has improved recently- it is still hard to get the allocation you need. Many companies are using a number of local… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Nigeria”

Treasury & FX in South Africa

Treasury & FX in South Africa Call date: 27th March  2019 In this called members discussed their approaches and issues related to cash & treasury management in South Africa, including: Intercompany netting Domestic sweeping Online multibank FX dealing The key take aways from this… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in South Africa”