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Treasury Peer Panel : INDIA

Treasury Peer Panels are sessions in which a group of subject matter experts share knowledge, experiences and ideas with a member who brings a specialist treasury challenge to the table. This session was requested by a member whose company plans to expand its business… Continue Reading “Treasury Peer Panel : INDIA”

FX & Treasury in Indonesia

Our Treasury Peer Report on Indonesia, explores the experiences of a small group in a detailed exchange on their current treasury activities. Although Indonesia has a strong commitment to liberal economic policies, it has, over the years, introduced measures designed to protect the local… Continue Reading “FX & Treasury in Indonesia”

Treasury & FX in Taiwan

Our Treasury Peer Report on Taiwan covers the approaches of multinationals to issues such as intercompany netting, cross border sweeping and cash transfers and hedging (onshore and offshore) – see moderators comments below. The report is based on a Treasury Peer Call which took place on… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Taiwan”

Pricing intercompany loans in China

How do companies price intercompany loans in, and from, China, especially when these are part of a cash pooling arrangement? The main concern here is tax, and participants are finding their tax departments are becoming more involved in this question . The report is… Continue Reading “Pricing intercompany loans in China”

Banking in China

Banking in India

Banking in India Oct 15th 2020 The peer groups comprised 8 senior treasurers from Asia, Europe and the Middle East comparing their experiences with banking in the country. Banks mentioned in this report are: Citi, HSBC, JP Morgan. If you would like a copy… Continue Reading “Banking in India”

Cash pooling in China

Chairman’s commentary As usual with China, a lively discussion with many interesting experiences. Also as usual with China, people are receiving different advice, and there does not seem to be a single rule book to follow. Nearly everyone on the call is running both… Continue Reading “Cash pooling in China”

Cash Repatriation from India

Chairman’s commentary India has always been a difficult and highly regulated environment. However, over the past few years, a lot of treasury actions which used to be very difficult are now possible. The country continues to have one of the region’s more aggressive tax… Continue Reading “Cash Repatriation from India”

Regional Treasury Centres in Asia

Chairman’s commentary The participants came from a wide range of companies, with approaches which covered more or less the complete spectrum, from a highly centralised in-house bank doing all execution of transactions on behalf of local subsidiaries, to a completely decentralised operation which has… Continue Reading “Regional Treasury Centres in Asia”

Re-booting China post COVID

Chairman’s commentary China was the first country to lock down in response to the virus. It has also been the first one to start going back to work – at least, with a coherent response to the infection. The purpose of this call was… Continue Reading “Re-booting China post COVID”