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Pricing intercompany loans in China

How do companies price intercompany loans in, and from, China, especially when these are part of a cash pooling arrangement? The main concern here is tax, and participants are finding their tax departments are becoming more involved in this question . The report is… Continue Reading “Pricing intercompany loans in China”

Banking in China

Cash pooling in China

Chairman’s commentary As usual with China, a lively discussion with many interesting experiences. Also as usual with China, people are receiving different advice, and there does not seem to be a single rule book to follow. Nearly everyone on the call is running both… Continue Reading “Cash pooling in China”

Re-booting China post COVID

Chairman’s commentary China was the first country to lock down in response to the virus. It has also been the first one to start going back to work – at least, with a coherent response to the infection. The purpose of this call was… Continue Reading “Re-booting China post COVID”

Treasury & FX in China

Chairman’s commentary These were two lively sessions, with many practical issues raised. If you feel you are the only person encountering operational issues in China, I suggest you read the detailed discussion. You will find you are not alone – far from it. I… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in China”

Treasury & FX in China

Treasury & FX in China Call date: 14th March  2019 This report covers two calls in which  members from Asia, Europe and the U.S shared their approaches to cash and treasury issues in China, including: Entrustment loans Cross border pooling Invoicing from China in… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in China”

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Topics covered in this report Flexibility is Key Internal pooling arrangements Banker’s acceptance drafts Structure Banking system Premium members can and subscribers can download the full report here.

repatriating cash from china

Repatriating cash from China Call date: 22nd Nov 2018 In this call, members discussed cash repatriation from China, including: Dividends, Cross-border pooling, Entrustment loans and Euro invoicing. The call was expert chaired by Simon Jones, whose conclusion appears below. Chair’s conclusion Cash can be… Continue Reading “repatriating cash from china”