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Banking in Russia

Cash Repatriation from Russia

Chair’s commentary A good and lively session – Russia remains a place where doing business is seldom boring.The main themes:Russia has many complex regulations, which keep changing. Most participants have excellent local finance teams who keep on top of the regulatory issues – things… Continue Reading “Cash Repatriation from Russia”

Treasury & FX in Russia

Report from a corporate treasury peer grouo discussion on Russia, covering current practices in Cross-border cash pooling
Hedging RUB
Hedging CIS currencies correlated to RUB
Bureaucracy, language and the benefits of local staff
Cyrillic characters in reporting /SWIFT
Intercompany lending
Compliance issues

Treasury & FX in Russia

Treasury & FX in Russia Call date: 30th Jan 2019 In this call, members discussed their approaches to treasury, FX and cash management in Russia. The call was chaired by Arnaud Francq  whose Key Take Outs are set out below Please contact us if… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Russia”