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Banking in Brazil

Regional Banking in Latin America

Repatriating Cash from Brazil

Chairman’s commentary The purpose of this call was to assess the impact COVID-19 crisis has had on cash and treasury management in Brazil. The bad news is that, some things, such as currency volatility, administrative and tax burdens, and liquidity have got even worse… Continue Reading “Repatriating Cash from Brazil”

Cash Repatriation from Argentina

Chair’s commentary Sadly, Argentina continues to be a very difficult place to operate. The rules are complex, and keep changing. The currency keeps depreciating, and the cost of hedging it is prohibitive. Borrowing in ARS is very expensive – above 30% – and local… Continue Reading “Cash Repatriation from Argentina”

Regional Treasury Centres in Latin America

Chairman’s commentary Any discussion involving Latin America and Latin Americans will always be lively, and this one was no exception – though one participant did point out that the definition of Latin America is not always clear. For some companies, but not all, LatAm… Continue Reading “Regional Treasury Centres in Latin America”

Treasury & FX in Brazil

Treasury & FX in Brazil Call date: 1st Mar 2020 In this call, ten members from Europe, Latin America and the U.S. discussed their approaches to treasury, FX and cash management in Brazil, including .FX transactions &  Currency Hedging The call was chaired by… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Brazil”

Treasury & FX in Argentina

Chair’s commentary CompleXCountries is not in the business of making economic forecasts. However, last September, we forecast that the situation in Argentina would get worse before it got better. Unfortunately, this has proved correct. The current situation: In October, the party, following a path… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Argentina”

Treasury & FX in Argentina

Chairman’s commentary Sometimes, situations arise where the treasurer just can’t find a solution, and has to recommend that the business find a “survival mode”, where the goal is simply to minimise losses and disruption until the situation improves. Unfortunately, with the re-imposition of exchange… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Argentina”

Hedging the Brazilian Real (BRL)

Hedging the Brazilian Real Call date: 3rd Oct 2019 In this call, members shared their approaches to hedging the Brazilian Real (BRL) The call was chaired by Damian Glendinning whose commentary appears below  Please contact us if you would like a copy of the… Continue Reading “Hedging the Brazilian Real (BRL)”

Boletos & Receivables in Brazil

Key Takeaways Boletos are unique and are a great way to minimise DSO which is a major problem in many countries. Bank charges for processing Boletos are seen as high, especially for paper – based Boletos. Moving from paper to electronic reduces bank fees… Continue Reading “Boletos & Receivables in Brazil”