Global Treasury Intelligence Reports

Treasury & FX in Lebanon

Sadly, Lebanon is showing all the signs of extreme financial and political disarray. After years of bloody civil war, the country went through a period of rebuilding and prosperity – but all the old animosities have come back to the surface, and things are… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Lebanon”

Treasury & FX in Egypt

To produce our report on Treasury & FX in Egypt we brought together practitioners from the Middle East & Europe who shared their recent experiences with accessing hard currency, local funding, local and international banks, employee dividends, collections, T&E and mobile money. The peer… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Egypt”

Treasury & FX in Turkey

The current situation in Turkey has all the hallmarks of the situations treasurers typically face in complex countries: political uncertainty, fast changing regulations, difficulty repatriating cash, FX volatility, high interest rates, liquidity issues, unexpected tax increases, etc, etc. In addition, the country has borders… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Turkey”

Cash repatriation from Turkey

Key areas of discussion With the recent depreciation of TRY, accessing hard currency in Turkey is getting much more difficult.  Regulations can change arbitrarily and are often unclear. Participants reported conflicting opinions from different banks and the same banks give different opinions to different… Continue Reading “Cash repatriation from Turkey”

Treasury & FX in Egypt

Key areas of discussion FX – accessing hard currency is no longer a problem. Cash repatriation – is ‘smooth but cumbersome’ via intercompany invoicing, royalties and dividends. AP is slow but reliable – cashless collections (cards etc. are challenging) Local banking, interbank transfers &… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Egypt”

Treasury & FX in Turkey

Key areas of discussion Funding local operations Pricing in hard currency Export finance TRY hedging Supplier payments

Treasury & FX in Algeria

Key areas of discussion Local ownership requirements Documentary requirements for cash repatriation Accessing hard currency Local investment options Vendor payments INR bank accounts

Treasury & FX in Egypt

Treasury & FX in Egypt Call date: 12th Feb 2019 In this call, members shared their approaches to Treasury & FX in Egypt, including: Access to hard currency Hedging International banks The call was chaired by Damian Glendinning whose key takeaways are listed below.… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Egypt”

Treasury & FX in Turkey

Key Takeaways A number of participants have local distribution but import products from outside Turkey, this creates a mismatch between sourcing in EUR/USD and sale in TRY causing currency exposure. Local financing is becoming very expensive, some companies are focusing on reducing local borrowing/debt… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Turkey”