Global Treasury Intelligence Reports

Insurance within Treasury

Why treasury should have insurance in its remit and how treasurers are approaching the challenges of increased premiums.

Crypto Transactions & Corporate Treasury

CompleXCountries has yet to meet a corporate treasurer who wants to transact in crypto currency, but we are speaking to many who are responding to commercial or regulatory initiatives and having to establish processes and procedures for doing so.   This panel discussion between Damian Glendinnig, John Laurens and Simon Jones explores the new risks and challenges that corporate treasurers face and suggests how they might respond.

Corporate Treasury Preparation for Inflation Doubles in 6 months

On 12th January 2022 we carried out a quick poll on treasury concern and preparation for inflation. The results show the number of treasurers who are carrying out impact assessments and making plans for inflation has more than doubled in the last six months.… Continue Reading “Corporate Treasury Preparation for Inflation Doubles in 6 months”

Accepting Crypto Currency in Corporate Treasury

As more treasuries will have to start accepting crypto, whether it be an emerging market like El Salvador, for digital assets, NFTs and other goods that are sold in the metaverse. This report explores the experiences of treasurers in setting up their systems to accept crypto currency

AML & KYC in Corporate Treasury

KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) – two necessary evils of present day banking. But are banks doing enough to help their clients? The report explores the problems &  frustrations caused by: Lack of consistency in data requirements, Frequent repetition of requests, Conflict with data privacy laws, Lack of flexibility, RMs (Relationship Managers) unable to relax requirements, For AML: payments held up for no apparent reason, and not consistently.

Libor Replacement Project Update

The saga continues. As various deadlines approach, and in some cases are delayed, the debates and uncertainty continue over what benchmarks will replace the various LIBOR benchmarks. This report (12 pages) details the outstanding issues for six MNCs including intercompany loans, TMS upgrades and accounting issues for hedges and swaps.

Accepting Bitcoin in Corporate Treasury -Lessons from El Salvador

For a short period in September, El Salvador dominated the news headlines with its adoption of BTC as legal tender – and with the practical confusion which ensued, as this did not appear to have been well planned. We wanted to catch up with… Continue Reading “Accepting Bitcoin in Corporate Treasury -Lessons from El Salvador”

HR Challenges of Global Treasury

The twin challenges of being a people manager and handling essential cross function communications have always added to the technical and strategic demands of being a treasurer – and these have become more difficult with COVID and remote working. This report explores the approaches… Continue Reading “HR Challenges of Global Treasury”

Time to dust down the inflation tool kit?

In December 2020, The Economist (a weekly newspaper) said ‘a surge in inflation looks unlikely. But it’s worth keeping an eye on’. Six months on, the spectre of inflation is still with us. However, the issue for treasurers isn’t whether high inflation will come… Continue Reading “Time to dust down the inflation tool kit?”

ESG in Treasury Practice

What can treasury do to support ESG initiatives? This report covers the experiences of eight senior treasurers from Europe and the USA who have started the journey. ESG now seems to be very seriously at the board level, with companies prepared to accept reduced… Continue Reading “ESG in Treasury Practice”