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HR Challenges of Global Treasury

The twin challenges of being a people manager and handling essential cross function communications have always added to the technical and strategic demands of being a treasurer – and these have become more difficult with COVID and remote working. This report explores the approaches… Continue Reading “HR Challenges of Global Treasury”

ESG in Treasury Practice

What can treasury do to support ESG initiatives? This report covers the experiences of eight senior treasurers from Europe and the USA who have started the journey. ESG now seems to be very seriously at the board level, with companies prepared to accept reduced… Continue Reading “ESG in Treasury Practice”

Pricing intercompany loans in China

How do companies price intercompany loans in, and from, China, especially when these are part of a cash pooling arrangement? The main concern here is tax, and participants are finding their tax departments are becoming more involved in this question . The report is… Continue Reading “Pricing intercompany loans in China”

Approaches to funding subsidiaries

The increase in use of equity funding, the complexity of transfer pricing discussions and using house banks for long term funding are some of the topics covered in this report which explores the different approaches that companies take to funding their subsidiaries and how… Continue Reading “Approaches to funding subsidiaries”

Corporate Treasury LIBOR Project update

Corporate Treasury LIBOR transition In this call, senior treasurers from seven MNCs in Europe and the U.S.A discussed their LIBOR transition projects. This report details their approaches to transition, the current status of their projects and their concerns. Call date: 17th Jan 2021 The call… Continue Reading “Corporate Treasury LIBOR Project update”

Planning For Unknown Risks

This recording comprises an expert interview presentation from Karamjeet Paul, Managing Principal of the Strategic Exposure Group. In this session, Damian Glendinning who was a client of Karamjeet’s when he was responsible for Enterprise Risk as Treasurer of Lenovo explores the concept of ‘Unknown… Continue Reading “Planning For Unknown Risks”

Post Covid Treasury Relationships

Wallet share and bank fee analysis

Bank fee analysis & wallet share Following our report ‘Approaches to Bank Relationship Management‘ describing diverse approaches to monitoring bank fees and calculating wallet share. This report comprises a deeper dive into how treasurers approach these issues. The topics addressed include: Approaches to  Analyzing… Continue Reading “Wallet share and bank fee analysis”

Banking in China

Banking in Brazil