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Post Covid Treasury Relationships

Tracking Bank Exposures

Chairman’s commentary In the various sessions we have held on the COVID-19 crisis, we have heard that companies are drawing down on their credit facilities and issuing debt to ensure liquidity, while at the same time they are concerned about some banks and the… Continue Reading “Tracking Bank Exposures”

Re-booting China post COVID

Chairman’s commentary China was the first country to lock down in response to the virus. It has also been the first one to start going back to work – at least, with a coherent response to the infection. The purpose of this call was… Continue Reading “Re-booting China post COVID”

Liquidity Action Checklist

Chairman’s commentary We had two good sessions, covering Asia, Europe and the Americas. My thanks to everyone for their lively participation – and best wishes to all participants, their families and their teams for a healthy outcome to this crisis.  While varying concerns were… Continue Reading “Liquidity Action Checklist”

Coronavirus & Corporate Treasury

Chairman’s commentary This is a case where we covered an emerging topic to share experiences. We hope you found it useful – there was a lively discussion, with a lot of helpful input. This is very much an evolving situation, so no-one can assess… Continue Reading “Coronavirus & Corporate Treasury”