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Crypto Transactions & Corporate Treasury

CompleXCountries has yet to meet a corporate treasurer who wants to transact in crypto currency, but we are speaking to many who are responding to commercial or regulatory initiatives and having to establish processes and procedures for doing so.   This panel discussion between Damian Glendinnig, John Laurens and Simon Jones explores the new risks and challenges that corporate treasurers face and suggests how they might respond.

Accepting Crypto Currency in Corporate Treasury

As more treasuries will have to start accepting crypto, whether it be an emerging market like El Salvador, for digital assets, NFTs and other goods that are sold in the metaverse. This report explores the experiences of treasurers in setting up their systems to accept crypto currency

Accepting Bitcoin in Corporate Treasury -Lessons from El Salvador

For a short period in September, El Salvador dominated the news headlines with its adoption of BTC as legal tender – and with the practical confusion which ensued, as this did not appear to have been well planned. We wanted to catch up with… Continue Reading “Accepting Bitcoin in Corporate Treasury -Lessons from El Salvador”