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using Fintech to solve a real problem

Rethink Treasury III In the third part of our rethink treasury series, Damian Glendinning interviewed Matt Wreford, CEO of Demica to demonstrate practical examples of how his company has used APIs, workflow management and several other new technologies to help customers change how they… Continue Reading “using Fintech to solve a real problem”


FX Global Code of Conduct -why should a corporate sign?

A lot of the code says what we do anyway and if we don’t we should. It’s not transformational – but I suggest you look at it – especially if it leads to market participants being held to a higher standard of conduct. It’s a good checklist and health check and we should play an active role in engaging with it.


CompleXCountries Special Series comprise sets of presentations,  expert panels and discussions (not recorded) which combine to form a deep dive into a specialist topic.  WE also have an ongoing series of Webinars comprising specialist presentations from treasury practitioners and experts. Current series Rethinking Treasury… Continue Reading “Series”

Treasury Peer Calls

The Benefits of Treasury Peer Calls Validate: Confirm your understanding of an issue, or find out that no one else has solved a problem or road block. Solve: Ask how others have solved a challenge and apply their solution to your operations. Improve: Get… Continue Reading “Treasury Peer Calls”

Real Time Treasury: Closer than you think?

Rethink Treasury II Damian Glendinning talks to Steve Monaghan, General Partner at FinMirai and Simon Jones, chief customer officer to ClearBank and member of the CXC advisory board about the possibilities for real time treasury. This post comprises a recording of their conversation. Also… Continue Reading “Real Time Treasury: Closer than you think?”

Working Capital: Business creep: keeping up with changes in the business model

Working Capital: Accounting, measurements, incentives and KPIs

Webinar recordings

Real Time Treasury – Closer than you think? with Damian Glendinning, Steve Monaghan and Simon Jones – if you have already listened to Rethink Treasury Technology (below) I suggest you start this replay at 5 minutes.     Croos-border payments & supply chain finance technology in Russia… Continue Reading “Webinar recordings”