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Working Capital: instruments, factoring, LCs and Accounting treatment

The Working Capital Series

The Working Capital Series with Damian Glendinning comprises a series of presentations exploring different aspects of working capital with each presentation followed by a peer group discussion on the the approaches to the challenges raised by the presentation. The Working Capital Series comprises six… Continue Reading “The Working Capital Series”

Working Capital: How do we fund it? On or off balance sheet? Long or short term?

Treasury & FX in Egypt

Treasury & FX in Egypt Call date: 12th Feb 2019 In this call, members shared their approaches to Treasury & FX in Egypt, including: Access to hard currency Hedging International banks The call was chaired by Damian Glendinning whose key takeaways are listed below.… Continue Reading “Treasury & FX in Egypt”

KYC (Know Your Customer)

This is an area where there is a lot of frustration, and all treasurers feel they are spending far too much time and resources on it. The situation is further complicated by a lack of consistency, and by data privacy laws, which make it difficult to collect and store the personal data of bank signatories. But the group had several interesting solutions,