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Regional Treasury in Latin America

Latin America: the guaranteed antidote to boredom for treasurers. Unfortunately, it often also means sleepless nights. In this call, we discussed how people manage their treasury operations across the region. Most participants had a similar approach – but we still had some lively discussions, especially around banking relations.

Winding Down Russia: Treasury Challenges

This was our third call on the situation in Russia. It focused on the practical challenges people are facing: nearly all participants are either running down their businesses or continuing on humanitarian grounds for products which are exempted from sanctions, particularly in the healthcare sector. However, as one participant put it, winding down is easier said than done

Treasury & Banking in India

This report below reflects the significant complexity of doing business and managing treasury in India. But it is an important market, and one which is improving. So it is definitely worth the effort. Key topics covered in the report include: Investing excess cash, cash repatriation, FX Transactions, Experiences with International Banks and POBO / ROBO

Brazil Treasury & Banking Update

This report comprises the initial reactions of senior treasurers to FX Law 14.286 (which includes: intercompany netting, offshore BRL accounts, onshore foreign currency accounts & royalties remittance) experiences with payroll, boletos, PIX, FX hedging and transactions and local banks .

Russia Ukraine Crisis Update

Safety of employees and delivery of salary payments are the highest priorities of treasurers responsible for Russia and Ukraine who also shared their experiences approaches to sanctions compliance, local operations and FX hedging. This report is based on an emergency 90 minute peer call with participation from 15 major companies.

Russia Treasury & Banking Update

Corporate treasurers have already taken actions in light of the Ukraine / Russia situation and are deeply involved in contingency plans should it get worse. This report details their evaluation and approaches

Turkey Treasury & FX Update

With inflation at 50% and rising, this report comprises the approaches and experiences of treasurers to accessing USD for cash repatriation and intercompany payment, currency hedging, local peso deposits and their experiences with local and international banks

Nigeria Treasury & FX Update

This report  focuses on trapped cash, evaluating the options treasurers are considering for cash repatriation and local investments / deposits. Approaches to hedging, lessons learned and initial thoughts on the eNaira were also shared.

AML & KYC in Corporate Treasury

KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) – two necessary evils of present day banking. But are banks doing enough to help their clients? The report explores the problems &  frustrations caused by: Lack of consistency in data requirements, Frequent repetition of requests, Conflict with data privacy laws, Lack of flexibility, RMs (Relationship Managers) unable to relax requirements, For AML: payments held up for no apparent reason, and not consistently.

Treasury & FX in Colombia & Peru

This report on Treasury & FX in Colombia and Peru is based on an expert confidential Treasury Peer Call in which senior treasurers from Latin America, the USA and Europe shared their approaches and experiences. Although the countries are amongst the least complex from a treasury perspective in the region, there are still concerns about FX volatility due to political uncertainty.