Brazil Treasury & Banking Update

This report comprises the initial reactions of senior treasurers to FX Law 14.286 (which includes: intercompany netting, offshore BRL accounts, onshore foreign currency accounts & royalties remittance) experiences with payroll, boletos, PIX, FX hedging and transactions and local banks .

Russia Ukraine Crisis Update

Safety of employees and delivery of salary payments are the highest priorities of treasurers responsible for Russia and Ukraine who also shared their experiences approaches to sanctions compliance, local operations and FX hedging. This report is based on an emergency 90 minute peer call with participation from 15 major companies.

China Treasury Operations Update

This report provides feedback on the current business situation in China , and how treasurers find the local banking, regulatory and operating environment is evolving in the light of COVID and increasing geopolitical tensions.

Turkey Treasury & FX Update

With inflation at 50% and rising, this report comprises the approaches and experiences of treasurers to accessing USD for cash repatriation and intercompany payment, currency hedging, local peso deposits and their experiences with local and international banks

AML & KYC in Corporate Treasury

KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) – two necessary evils of present day banking. But are banks doing enough to help their clients? The report explores the problems &  frustrations caused by: Lack of consistency in data requirements, Frequent repetition of requests, Conflict with data privacy laws, Lack of flexibility, RMs (Relationship Managers) unable to relax requirements, For AML: payments held up for no apparent reason, and not consistently.

Banking in China

Banking in Brazil

Regional Banking in Latin America

Banking in Russia

Banking in India

Banking in India Oct 15th 2020 The peer groups comprised 8 senior treasurers from Asia, Europe and the Middle East comparing their experiences with banking in the country. Banks mentioned in this report are: Citi, HSBC, JP Morgan. If you would like a copy… Continue Reading “Banking in India”