CompleXCountries is a dynamic global peer group network for senior corporate treasury professionals.  We facilitate the sharing of practical experience and knowledge between our members  through highly specialised, expert lead confidential Treasury Peer Calls.

Dynamic – because the peer participation in each Treasury Peer Call is created to bring together subject matter experts for each specific topic.

Global -because we have a global membership and members learn from the diversity of approaches of members from multiple countries.

Network – because we connect our members based on their knowledge of and need for information on a given specialist topic, our members make connections without geographical or relationship constraints.

Treasury Peer Calls cover the challenges of running treasury operations in specialist countries and the different approaches to specialist treasury processes. They deliver unvarnished, disinterested peer group based validation or advice on different treasury challenges.

Global Treasury Intelligence Reports which are derived from our surveys and Treasury Peer Calls give members an accurate picture of what is possible and practical, based on how a group of leading practitioners approach different countries and associated treasury processes.

Membership benefits

  • Validate: Confirm your understanding of an issue, or find out that no one else has solved a problem or road block.
  • Solve: Ask how others have solved a challenge and apply their solution to your operations.
  • Improve: Get ideas an inspiration from the success stories of other members.
  • Identify: Have others encountered risks or hazards that you were unaware of?
  • Learn: Develop your operations & treasury team through learning how other treasuries approach challenges.
  • Connect: Grow your network by connecting with other senior treasury professionals from around the world who you meet on calls or through our introductions & custom connections

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